Giraffe in a Tree

Google Ads permanently disabled my account for “encouraging ad-clicking and impressions” and now I can no longer host ads. It was my fault entirely, as I shouldn’t have been asking people to click the ad. It was with good intentions, but I should not have done it the way I did.

Wow, you are absolutely amazing, you have no idea. And yes, donations are still open for the entire month of April. I really appreciate what an awesome thing it is that you did. You cared and so you did what you are able to in order to help. I really wish there were more people like you. Don’t you thank me, and don’t you dare say sorry! What you did is incredible, $2, $2,000, or 2 cents; you did what you could and that’s all that matters. I can guarantee you that every cent donated will reinforce numbat conservation, and contribute to the saving of an entire species teetering on the brink. Thank you for donating, and more than anything, thanks for caring.

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